These Awesome Riddles Will Trick Your Mind And Test Your Intelligence

Can you solve them?

Welcome to the Magic School! Teddy Strong has to pass a few tests in order to graduate and become a part of the Countervampirism Division. There are several quizzes he must pass, and he needs your help. Follow the video to see the tasks, as well as the right answers! We're curious if you manage to solve them all!

00:00 - Welcome to the Academy of Teddy Strong Jr. These are his friends and professors. He will soon graduate and become a part of the Countervampirism Division! That, if he passes his exams, of course. Here's his first test, let's see if you can help Teddy pass it!

~Test 1~

00:20 A logic puzzle that will train your brain.

Here's the task: you must take a very powerful vampire to prison. the creature is under a spell that's paralyzed him, but its effect is limited. Besides, the spell gas failed before. In order to get the vampire to prison, you must put him inside one of these pods, making sure he can't break free. Also, he must stay alive, at least until the trial. Which one will you use?

~Test 2~

01:26 This quiz will test your analytic skills!

Teddy thinks the vampire test was easy. Let's see what he's got to say about the next one. In this next text, you must analyze the profile pictures and decide who is a vampire or a human. Did you know? Vampires use dating apps for hunting!

~Test 3~

03:11 You'll need to use your logical skills to pass the next exam.

You are surrounded by vampires, and they are ready to attack you. You have three magic scrolls, each with a spell on it, but you can only use one. The first one is a lightning bolt; the second one is a beam of light; the third one is a small tornado. You have to choose one to destroy all the vampires with a single blow, and you have no other weapons. Which spell should you use?

~Test 4~

04:42 How good of a detective are you?

The professor will show you a video, you'll have to study the case and try to crack it. Doctor Simmons works at the local hospital in a small town where everyone knows everyone. Doctor Simmons called 911 this morning to report a theft. Someone had broken in and stole all the donated blood in the hospital. He told the police that he'd been the last one working yesterday. At 10 PM, he checked the fridge and counted the blood packs. Everything was in order. He turned on the UV lamps to disinfect the rooms, closed the doors and left, as usual. In the morning, he found the fridge empty and checked the cameras which didn't capture anything. Dr. Simmons suspects his neighbor, Mr. Fallen, who is a vampire. The doctor believes Mr. Fallen could've broken in through the window. The officer said he would check Mr. Fallen's alibi, who admitted he was at the hospital last night, as he'd hurt his wing after he'd gotten into a fight with a vampire hunter. He showed the officer his stitches and said he left the hospital at 8 PM. Something's not right. One of the two men is lying! But who?

~Test 5~

07:02 Pay attention to the details.

Everyone thinks that was the final exams and they can finally relax and have fun at their prom. However, the principal still has a test for the students. Teddy can only graduate if he can spot all the vampires in the room. Let's see how many you can spot!

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