These Contact Lenses Allow You To Zoom In And Out By Blinking

Researchers from the University of California San Diego have created a robotic contact lens that zooms in and out when you blink.

If you thought smartphones or TVs are interesting, how about this? Smart contact lenses are now a thing and we can't wait to see where innovation is about to take us next.

A team of researchers created a contact lens that zooms in and out when you blink. They found that the electrical potential between the back and front of the eyeball changes when the eye is closed and used this discovery to control the robotic contact lens.

The contact lens was programmed to zoom in and out when you blink twice. The scientists say this innovation could be used on "visual prostheses, adjustable glasses, and remotely operated robotics in the future". According to them, the lens could also help people who disabilities control robots or machines.

"Even if your eye cannot see anything, many people can still move their eyeball and generate this electro-oculographic signal," says Shengqiang Cai, co-author of the paper.

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