This Man Claims That Drinking Urine Made His Hair Grow Back

This 56-year-old man was encouraged by his girlfriend to drink his urine and now claims his hair started growing back. Please don't try this at home.

Brian Offenburger is 56 years old and like many other men his age, he started balding. His 30-year-old Ruby Karyo, who he's been dating since January, suggested he should drink his own urine. (No, not as a joke)

Apparently, she has been practicing 'urine therapy' ever since she was 19, and it's done miracles for her, so she inspired her boyfriend to try it as well.

Brian, who works as a machine operator was going bald before he met Ruby at the beginning of the year. He claims that since he's been sharing her lifestyle, his hair started growing back. Ruby says that after just 2 months after drinking urine each week, not only he stopped balding, but his hair started growing back. 'We have before and after pictures to prove it. He started seeing the difference about a month ago, after being consistent.', she says.

She claims she's been drinking her own urine and rubbing it on her face for 11 years, and it has improved her skin and overall health. Ruby says she first heard about this from her Dad, who told her to use it on her face and body if she wanted to be a beauty queen.

She uses it daily, as a moisturizer, on her face. 'You can leave it on for a couple of hours, or leave it on all day,' Ruby says (but please, please don't).

'For the first few days your face might look a bit raw because all the impurities will come out, but then it will become clear. It's good for healing scars and pimples.

I pee into a travel spray bottle and then spray it into my hands and then rub it onto my face. I also drink about five ounces of morning pee about twice a week.

It can lower blood sugar and cholesterol and help diabetes. My skin glows when I use it, I took a break from it a while back and my skin began to look dull. I feel younger and I look younger when I use it.'

Ruby is aware that this practice is uncommon, and most people don't want to hear about it, but she believes urine contains things that are 'essential' for the body and shouldn't be wasted. 

'People do think it's strange at first but when I explain how great I feel they become more interested. I would not tell lies to people, I would not tell them to try something that is bad for them, this actually works.'

We're pretty sure your doctor wouldn't agree, so don't try this very gross routine at home. There's really no proof that it will make your hair grow back. Besides, bald men are very sexy, unlike men who drink pee.

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