This Woman Ended Up In Hospital After Putting An Octopus on Her Face

This woman wanted a unique photo of her 'wearing' an octopus on her face, but ended up in the hospital after the creature bit her.

The photo was indeed unique and quickly went viral on the internet, but it also led to an infection after the octopus bit the woman.

The victim was taking part in a salmon fishing contest in Tacoma Narrows, earlier this month. A friend of hers had caught an octopus and since she wasn't winning the derby anyway, she thought she'd take a picture for the photo contest.

The woman put the octopus on her face, and its tentacles covered her ears and nose. The photo came out great, but the cephalopod bit her chin. "My friends noticed my face had changed," she said. "We couldn't get the beak to dislodge - it was like a prong."

Eventually, she managed to unstick the octopus off her face, but the 'fun' wasn't over. She bled for another 30 minutes, her face got swollen and the left side of her face was paralyzed. Even if things were pretty serious, she waited two days before she sought medical attention. "They took me in stat, but the IVs didn't work and my arm swelled up like an elephant," she said.

"I want people not to do what I did," she said. "My advice is, know what you're touching beforehand." Bisceglia cooked the octopus for dinner, so we could say she got her revenge.

Pics: Jamie Bisceglia

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