This Woman's Car Was Struck By Lighting Twice

The moment was recorded by a dashboard camera of a nearby vehicle. Check out the incredible video of the double-strike.

Imagine being in traffic, the weather is terrible, you're crawling through the cars, when suddenly, lightning strikes your car, not once, but twice.

The moment was recorded by the dashcam of Galina Ershova's vehicle, who was driving along the Berdskoye Highway in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Lighting struck just a few meters away from her car, blinding her for a second. The Toyota SUV was left with a dead battery, but none of the passengers got hurt. Most of the cars are equipped with a lightning rod that conducts a charge safely to earth, so even with a direct hit, the passengers are completely safe.

Anna Nakaznykh, the driver, says she is grateful to be safe but is a bit disappointed that no one stopped to help.

"There were a lot of eyewitnesses... But no-one stopped. They all just went on," she said. In their defense, they were probably scared it might happen again.

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