Time is More Valuable than Money

You can use your time to make money, but you can't buy more time.

Time is your most precious resource.

We pay so much attention to our bank accounts. We spend money carefully, as we don't want them being wasted on useless things. We always know how much money we've got left, as we want to invest it, or spend it on things we need. If only we treated our time the same way! Instead, we waste our time, which is far more valuable than money. You can use your time to make more money, but not the other way around. If you run out of money, there may be a way out. But if you run out of time...

We don't have enough time.

A day only has 24 hours. Of these, we spend 8 sleeping, and 9 to 10 working. If your workplace is far from your home than you can add a couple of hours spent in traffic. Add another hour you spend shopping for groceries, another one for cooking a quick dinner, and you're left with just 2-3 hours in a day you can spend however you want. That's not much time, is it? When are we supposed to read our favorite book, watch a movie, take dancing lessons, have a drink with our friends, visit our parents, spend some time with family, have a long bubble bath, if all the spare time we have is just a few hours a day?

We should spend our time as wisely as we spend our money.

We're more careful with our money than we are with how we spend our time. We know it's not wise to spend much money on things we don't really need, but when it comes to our precious time, we're often 'irresponsible'. We waste valuable time and energy on people that only bring negativity to our lives. We waste precious hours doing things we don't really like because we want to fit in. We waste our energy stressing about things we can't change. And while we can make more money, we can't make more time. It's wasted forever.

Your time is the most precious gift you can give someone.

Considering you have so little of it, your time is precious, and it's the most valuable gift you can give someone. For your best friend, it's more important to celebrate their birthday with you, than to receive an expensive watch with a note 'sorry I had to work on your B-Day'. Your parents would choose you being with there on Christmas, instead of receiving expensive gifts. You're aware of that. Your spouse and kids care more about the time you spend together than the money you make. Sure, money is always tight. But so is time. So spend it wisely.

Be wise about how you invest your most valuable resource.

When you think about failed relationships, what frustrates you the most? Is it the fact that you've lost them? Or is it wasting so many years of your life on someone who wasn't worth it? When you think about the fake friends who've disappointed you, are you mad because they've wronged you, or because you gave them your attention, and it was all for nothing? We've all made bad time and energy investments, but what matters is what happens with our most valuable resource from now on. When a financial investment turns out to be bad, you don't invest more money in it, do you? Well, you should do the same with your time and energy. If a relationship failed, you don't want to put more energy into it. Why spend even more time thinking about what was, or what could have been? If a person you trusted broke your heart, why spend more energy stressing about them? Invest your time wisely. If it pays off, it won't bring you more time, but it will bring you happiness. And being happy is the best way to spend your time.

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