Vegan Sues Neighbors For Barbecuing In Their Own Backyard

She claims it has nothing to do with her being a vegan.

Oh, isn't living in a community just wonderful? This woman took her neighbors to the Supreme Court because they were barbecuing, smoking cigarettes and playing basketball. Yes, in their own backyard, but the fumes wafted over into her garden, which she could no longer enjoy.

Cilla Carden is a vegan massage therapist from Western Australia who has been in a battle with her neighbors since last year. She is claiming that the family who lives next door is 'deliberately' cooking meat on their barbecue, blowing cigarettes smoke and playing basketball, just to irritate her.

She says she can't enjoy her own garden anymore, because of the smell coming from the grilled fish her neighbor Toan Vu cooks on the barbecue.

And her complaints don't stop here. She is disturbed by the cigarette smoke and the sound of bouncing basketballs, and she also demands her neighbors control the weeds in their garden, repaint the common fence between their properties, and repay the cost of some damaged plants.

It's not just the Vu family Carden is upset with, but also the neighbors on the other side of her house. She demands they stop floodlights shining onto the common areas outside their houses, repair and paint a fence, repay the cost of damaged plants, and keeps her dogs on leads when in the common areas of the property.

Regarding the Vu's barbecues, the woman took the matter into court and fought her way up to the Supreme Court, where her case got dismissed. But even though judges ruled Carden's neighbors were just 'living in their backyard and their home as a family', the woman intends to keep fighting.

The Vu family have moved their barbecue, and aren't allowing their kids to play basketball anymore, but Carden is still dissatisfied.

Even more now, as an event titled 'Community BBQ for Cilla Carden' has been created on Facebook, inviting people 'to join us for a community BBQ, and help Cilla Carden GET SOME PORK ON HER FORK'. Over 3,000 people have promised to attend this event, which is set to take place on October 19, at 3 PM. As expected, Cilla Carden has now instructed her lawyers to go against the people who are planning to protest at her home.

Most of us live in communities, and we all know it's hard. There's always that one neighbor who annoys us. However, we all have to keep in mind 2 things: 1. When you live in a community, you may sometimes disturb your neighbors, 2. When you live in a community, you may sometimes be disturbed by your neighbors. Communication and setting some ground rules are key to cohabitation. Suing your neighbors for cooking fish outside, obviously, isn't.

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