What happens when Ping Pong is taken to the next level

When you talk about Ping Pong, you mostly think about Asian people, especially the Chinese, the Olympic and world Champions for several years. And you would be right most of the time.

But now, take a look at how a Japanese Ping Pong player has managed to make this beloved and dynamic sport to a whole new level. For him, Ping Pong isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life and the images prove his mastery in handling the paddle and the balls. Besides being a true master with trick shots and funny comebacks with his paddle, Takkyuu Geinin also manages to make this sport known for those you aren’t impressed by the normal shots taken at Ping Pong. And if the shots don’t impress you, maybe the humor behind every shot will, especially when confronted with everyday scenarios, like his girlfriend having to cope with him being more interested in paddles than in herself. No matter the situation, this Japanese Ping Pong master has a way to show you how much fun a Ping Pong ball can be when handled with such mastery. You might find yourself becoming the newest party sensation if you’ll start practicing right away. Still, the cliché exists, no matter what you do, an Asian guy will do it so much better than you.

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