Who would you help first?

The way you answer will reveal a lot about your personality.

The choices we make, especially in times of stress, reveal a lot about our core personality. Take this test by looking at the following image and answering one simple question: Who would you help first?

1. You chose THE NURSE.

You are an easy going person. The nurse is the only one in the picture who doesn't need serious help, and you probably chose her only because she was the first you noticed. Your choice reveals your optimistic nature. You are carefree, you don't worry too much and you believe that whatever bad thing happens in your life is only temporary. You a have a free spirit and you love adventures. You are laid back, you always see the bright side and you are very easy to talk to.


You are a born leader. You chose to help him because you could see how hard he is trying to walk, even though he has a broken leg. You don't want him to lose time and you instinctively want to help him get back on his feet. You choice reveals true leadership skills. You are a dynamic person who attracts strong people. You are well organized, rational and very focused on everything you do.

3. You chose THE CRYING BABY.

You are an empathic person. Babies cry all the time, for various reasons, but unlike adults, they cannot express their feelings. The fact that you chose to help the baby without even knowing why he's crying, reveals that you are a sensitive, caring person. You would respond to anyone's call for help because you can't stand to see others suffering. You have a kind and understanding nature which often gets you hurt because too many people take advantage of you. Your friends depend on you because you have a strong sense of spirituality and they always get their peace after talking to you.

4. You chose THE OLD LADY.

You have a high sense of morality. The old lady clearly needs help walking and the fact that you'd help her first shows that you were raised with a strong ethical sense. You are optimistic and you believe that elders still have a lot to offer in this world. You know that she won't be able to return the favor, but you'd still help her, which means you are an altruist. You have a high respect for culture and heritage and the traditional values are very important to you.

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