Why You Should Keep An Open Mind

Being open to other ideas can help you grow.

We're born open-minded.

When we're born, we're like empty canvases. We haven't got any ideas, beliefs, or preconceptions. Everything we believe is a result of education and life experience. Each person has a unique education, upbringing, and life experience. We have different meanings for terms like right versus wrong, good and bad, danger and safety, healthy and unhealthy, moral and immoral, success and failure. We see things through our own eyes, based on what we've learned from our family, teachers, friends, spiritual guides, and our own experience. Up to a certain age, our minds are like sponges, we are thirsty to learn as much as possible. But as we begin to grow old, our minds start narrowing. We 'already know' what's right or wrong, healthy and unhealthy, good and bad, ugly and beautiful. So, we won't even listen to opposite opinions, because we know better, they can't convince us, and that's that.

Keeping an open mind doesn't mean changing what you believe.

Listening to opposite opinions doesn't mean agreeing with them. You don't have to change what you believe, just to hear other opinions, too, so you can understand this world better. We are all different, we want different things, we believe in different things, and this exactly is the beauty of our world: diversity. What we have in common brings us together, but what differs shouldn't drift us apart. The people on this planet have different religious views, and obviously, they all believe they are right. We have different political preferences, and obviously, we all believe ours are better. Each nation has its own traditional food, and we all believe ours tastes the best. Does that mean we should never taste pizza, unless we're Italians? If you occasionally eat pizza, does that mean you no longer believe your nation's traditional food is the best? It doesn't. Just like calmly listening to someone's opposite opinion on politics, doesn't mean changing yours. It only means listening to and maybe understanding their point of view.

We should embrace our differences.

If we were all the same, this world would be boring. Thankfully, we're not. We live in different places, with different cultures, food, customs, and traditions. It's so amazing to travel the world and discover cultures and countries that are different than our own. So, why wouldn't it be the same with people? Isn't it just as interesting to discover people who think differently? By being open to listening to others, you might understand why they have an opposite opinion. Instead of rejecting anyone who's voted differently, has a different religion, or eats different food than you, you could try to listen to their opinion and understand it. And maybe find some common ground. Because in the end, we do have one thing in common: we all want to be happy, peaceful, satisfied. We just believe it is reached differently.

By keeping an open mind, we could all learn more, and understand why those we often name 'enemies' think the way they do. Knowledge is never harmful, but ignorance is.

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