Woman Adopts A Dog That Resembled Her Childhood Puppy And Realizes It's The Same Dog

This is such a heartwarming story about two best friends being reunited after a very long time. What were the chances?

It's always heartbreaking to lose a pet, and anyone who's been through this would do anything to get their furry friend back. While for most of us that is impossible, Nicole Grimes, got very lucky. She got her childhood dog back years after they were separated!

Nicole was just a 10-year-old little girl when her grandmother surprised her with a puppy. She instantly fell in love with the dog and named her Chloe. She could have never imagined being separated from her puppy, but after 4 years, something happened.

"My dad got a job where we couldn't have a dog so I had to give her up. It was so hard." After spending just 4 years together, the puppy was given away to the Washington Humane Society.

All grown up and starting a family of her own, Nicole noticed a post of a senior dog named Chloe in need of a new home. She knew the chances of this being the same dog were small, but she adopted her anyway. After doing some research, her hunch was confirmed. Here's Nicole's story:

Credits: Nicole Grimes

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