Woman Finishes Marathon Carrying A Stray Puppy She Rescued Along The Way

This woman is a good athlete, but she also has a big heart.

Khemjira Klongsanun enjoys running and she likes competing in marathons. In her latest competition, she saw a puppy looking lost, on the side of the road.

It was a 26-mile run and even though she was just on her 7th mile, she stopped to check out the puppy. With no mother on sight, the woman did what any kind-hearted person would: she picked the puppy up and brought it with her for the whole marathon.

She could've left the puppy with someone in the audience, but instead, she carried it all the way to the finish line. After the race, they went back to the place she found it, to check if her siblings or mother were somewhere in the area, but they weren't.

Khemjira took the puppy home and named her Nom Chom. The puppy has found her forever home and is very comfortable and loved in her new family.

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